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What is Bergwall On-Demand?

The BEST Online Vocational Training Courses.

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Bergwall On Demand provides you with the opportunity to pick the subject you’re interested in pursuing further. No other product on the market can match Bergwall’s expertise in writing and producing high-quality, curriculum-based, video clip demonstrations. These courses are guaranteed to get you up to speed with what you need to know.

Online Video Courses: Just open and create your personal profile to get instant access. The Videos are designed to help prepare you to perform various job skills safely, before actually handling any dangerous tools or equipment. Bergwall’s Online Video Courses contain high-quality, professionally produced video clips featuring easy-to-follow, step-by-step demonstrations that show the safe and proper way to do a job.

Sponsorship: We are presently pursuing corporate sponsors, interested in benefitting from our broad user base and focused demographic.  In the meantime, for those who require that no ads be displayed, we still offer our complete Online Courses, available at a negotiated rate. Click here to learn more about our sponsorship opportunities or use our contact page to inquire about our ad free courses.

Instructor Led Training: While individuals are learning and developing job skills, our Online Video Courses, have been written and produced to support an instructor’s efforts. Bergwall’s Online Courses are designed for the classroom setting and work well with your curriculum, while enhancing the educational experience of each student.

Grade-book Feature: Unlike other Online Learning Platforms, Bergwall provides the instructor with the unique ability to test, track and verify the progress of each student through all phases of the curriculum, including Pre and Post Testing.

As long as you have an interest in learning from the same high-quality, online video courses that have been helping to teach students for over 44 years – then select your topic and start watching. Before you know it, you will be learning more and earning better grades or, ultimately, a higher paycheck.

All of us at Bergwall are dedicated to creating and distributing the highest-quality training materials and Online Courses available in today’s market.  As a mission, Bergwall is focused on increasing the skills, knowledge, confidence and employability of students and professional tradesmen worldwide.

Bergwall’s motto is “Watch, Learn and Earn.”

How It Works

Become a Bergwall On Demand Student or Instructor, it’s free (yes, it’s really free!) and easy…

1. Sign Up!
Sign up as an “Instructor” or ”Student” via the options below or in our main menu. Both Instructors & Students will need a valid email address. If you are an Individual looking to learn on your own, you will still sign up as a Student.
2. Check Your Email!
Now check your email and confirm your free subscription. You should receive an email after signing up which will contain a confirmation link.
3. Find Your Course
Search the courses page and explore the topics. We’re always adding more.
4. Enter Your Enrollment Key
Once you find a course, enter your enrollment key to join. Each Instructor will create an enrollment key that they then provide to each of their students. This enrollment key: enables students to enter class and enables use of the grade-book feature to track & record a specific course.
5. No teacher? No problem!
If you are an Individual without a teacher use the enrollment key “ENROLL” to learn on your own!
6. Start Learning and Have Fun
Enter the Course, take the Pre-Test, and start watching the high-quality curriculum-based Video Clips. Connect with others online – and have fun!

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