Brakes A5 contains complete Content Area and Task List information, along with a ASE Certification Practice Test, Explanations section, and comprehensive Glossary arranged by Content Area. ASE-certified technicians enjoy a real sense of accomplishment knowing they’ve ’made the grade.’ And along with gaining the respect of colleagues and increasing their earning potential, technicians with ASE credentials help instill customer confidence and improve the image of the repair industry as a whole. To help you derive the greatest benefit from this study material and earn your ASE credentials, we have divided this content into 4 separate parts. Since each of these parts or sections contains important information designed to help you pass the ASE certification test, we strongly urge you to read the entire course and follow the sections in the intended sequence. ASE Tasks detailed by Video Clip segments (CD-ROMs & Videos) include:
  • Diagnosing M/C Problems and Replacing Brake Lines
  • Replacing the Master Cylinder
  • Pressure Bleeding the Hydraulic System
  • Diagnosing Drum Brakes
  • Rebuilding a Disc Brake Caliper
  • Inspecting Brake Rotors
  • Torquing Wheel Lugs
  • Checking Booster Operation (Pedal Travel)
  • Servicing the Parking Brake
  • Servicing Anti-lock Brakes
Bergwall’s ASE Test Prep Series is packed with accurate information and plenty of high-quality, live action video demonstrations based on the actual ASE Task Lists. Each ASE CD Course includes a Trial Test with challenging questions. Each question includes detailed Explanations that provide in-depth analysis of both correct and incorrect responses. The live-action Video sequences provide students with the ‘hands-on’ skills necessary to be productive in a real shop environment. In addition to the video sequences included with each CD, in the ASE Test Prep CD Series contain the following sections.

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How to Get Around

This is where the Course begins. Here students are given a brief tour of the CD assisting them to navigate through the Course content.

About the Author

Pete Bilotta is the Author of all of the ASE Courses. In this section students get a closer look at Pete’s background and qualifications.

Don’t Miss This

In this section, students receive an overview of the Course including the Course’s contents.

Why Study This?

Here the Course’s objectives are defined.

Study Tips

Details the importance of good study habits including tips to maximizing the results of study time.

Content Areas

This section identifies the correlation between ASE Content Areas and the Trial Test Questions included with each Course.

Task Lists

Presents complete Task Lists associated with the ASE Content Areas.

ASE Certification Practice Test

This is where the “meat” of the Course is located. Included are challenging questions that cover all of the specific ASE Content Areas, along with detailed Explanations that provide in-depth analysis of both the correct and incorrect responses.

Video Library

Included with Bergwall’s ASE CD’s & Videos are 25-35 minutes of high-quality video clips. These video clips detail various Automotive shop Tasks from the ASE and NATEF Task lists. No other product on the market can match Bergwall’s expertise in writing and producing high-quality video demonstrations that are guaranteed to get your students up to speed in the Auto Shop. These ‘eye-popping’ video clips can help prepare students to perform ASE and NATEF Tasks before they enter the shop. Each of Bergwall’s ASE Test Prep Courses contain ASE and NATEF Task Video clips featuring easy-to-follow, step-by-step demonstrations that show the right way to do a job. Automotive technicians who achieve ASE certification can proudly be counted among the industry’s best. With Bergwall’s ASE Automobile Test Readiness Series, you’ll be preparing to join the select group of individuals who wear the ASE blue gear on their sleeve. Best of luck!

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