Bergwall’s Online ASE Automobile Test Prep Series is designed to help:

  • pass the ASE certification test.
  • develop the skills necessary for taking a competency exam.
  • become familiar with the various types of ASE-style questions.
  • become more knowledgeable about the content covered on the ASE test.
  • understand the services and procedures associated with the various topic areas.
  • apply what has been learned in the shop.

Automotive technology is changing rapidly. The only way to keep up is through effective training that promotes an understanding of the new technology. That training is now available to you! For more than a quarter century, ASE certification has been the industry-accepted standard for determining the skill level of automotive professionals. With a voluntary certification program, that included only four automobile tests back in 1972, ASE now offers more than three dozen tests in a variety of categories including Automobile, Truck, Collision Repair, Engine Machinist, School Bus, Parts Specialist, and Alternative Fuels.

Our ASE Test Preparation series is packed with solid information and practical hands-on demonstrations based on the ASE Task Lists. There are ten courses each with 4-6hours of accurate instruction featuring:

  • Complete Content Area and Task List information. 
  • Pre-Test and Post-Test provisions clearly identifying progress and promoting confidence. 
  • Answers with Explanations that provide an in-depth analysis of the correct as well as the incorrect response to each question. ASE Practice Test Questions, ASE Test Answers.
  • Topic Spotlights containing comprehensive technical information. 
  • A complete Glossary arranged by Content Areas.

Each of the ten courses take you through a step-by-step preparation. At the end of the course your test taking skills will be an asset and you’ll approach the test with a sense of confidence.

Course Content

Lessons Status

ASE A1 Test Prep - Engine Repair


ASE A2 Test Prep - Automatic Transmission/Transaxle


ASE A3 Test Prep - Manual Drivetrain & Axles


ASE A4 Test Prep - Suspension & Steering


ASE A5 Test Prep - Brakes


ASE A6 Test Prep - Electrical / Electronic Systems


ASE A7 Test Prep - Heating & Air Conditioning


ASE A8 Test Prep - Engine Performance


ASE L1 Test Prep - Advanced Engine Performance


ASE P2 Test Prep - Automobile Parts Specialist


ASE C1 Test Prep - Service Consultant