Site Safety

Proper Dress & PPE
Safe Lifting Techniques
Mortar and Cement Handling
Power Tool Safety
Fall Protection
Scaffold Safety Practices
Ladder Safety Practices
Material Stacking and Storage
Flammable and Hazardous Materials


Identifying and Using Hammers
Identifying and Using Trowels
Identifying and Using Chisels
Hand Mortar Mixing Equipment
Using Pins, Blocks and Line Stretchers
Using Measuring Tools

Safe Power Tool Operation

Diamond Blade Wet Saw
Electric Show Saw
Gasoline Powered Masonry Saw
Tuck Point Grinder
Powder Actuated Nail Gun
Electric Chipping Hammer

Basic Masonry Techniques

Mixing Mortar by Hand
Mixing Mortar With Power Mixers
Spreading Bed Joints For Block
Buttering Block With Trowels
Spreading Bed Joints For Brick
Buttering Brick With Trowels
Identify The Six Brick Positions
Identifying Basic Brick Bond Patterns
Cutting Brick and Block With Hand Tools
Demonstrate Wash Down Procedures